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Happy New Year!
Well its a brand new year! I wonder what this year will bring for everyone. Going away for studies? New Jobs? Marriage? Children? or maybe more of the same old thing? We all hope and pray that only good things will come this year but life usually has its own ideas.

As for me and my family, my husband is having major surgery on Jan 10th. Please pray for him that he comes through this surgery and for a speedy recovery.

May you find this year filled with joy and happiness, may your sadness be minimal. May health and prosperity find you and may God bless you and your families with only good things this new year!
May this new year bring nothing but joy in everybody's lives. (kill your neighbour and be happy <!-- s:camper: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/camper.gif" alt=":camper:" title="camper" /><!-- s:camper: --> ) ... etc etc

* zaxon is disoriented

Best Regards
May dis year bring complete health to my father, may he gets well sooner.
O God! please keep my parents hands on my head always. ameen.

Happy New year !
Happy new year to allz,

PakeezaH Aameen and dont worry InshaAllah your papa get well soon Allah bless parents of all of us A long life with health, and happiness and do us able to serve them and respect them Aameen.

Marie, Allah bless your husband with complete health, he get well soon and you live a long happy life with him Aameen. Marie, dont worry just have faith on God and firm your beleive InshaAllah all will be ok.
thank you sitara...
thank you so much sitara
so many old posts :o
[Image: ludoap4aeb5.png]
Yeh Old Posts hamari Memories hain, diary me likhi gai yadon ki tarah inhe please erase na karna........ specially meri sari yadain mujhey Louta do Ahmiq Uncle,,,,,,, They are so so sooooooooo much precious to me, Jab me budhi ho jaoon gi na tou me inn Yadon ko parh k dohra k again khud ko sola sala feel karoon gi........

This is not Mazaq,,,,, I really mean it.

and I really Miss Marie whenever I see this thread, where is she??????????
Dheerey Dheerey Machal Oooooo Jia beQaraar koi Aaya haiiii koi aaya haiiiii......... Nahi aaya naa koi 
konsi old posts gum hein jia ji?
[Image: ludoap4aeb5.png]
ab agar yeh mujhey yaad hota tou me tum se kiyun kehti bhala? Sad
Dheerey Dheerey Machal Oooooo Jia beQaraar koi Aaya haiiii koi aaya haiiiii......... Nahi aaya naa koi 

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