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The City of Light..
Great people Amazing places awsome Food.
the Heart of Pakistan! yes this is Karachi.
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Okay Adeel we know you are confused but what exactly you are trying to say with ur emotions ?Tongue and one more thing please be a bit more detailed becauce posts which have only one word or just smilies can be removed. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
i visisted karachi recently
beach was filthy
lot of pollution
and too much traffic

i`m not saying that it was bad but 1 hour traffic jam sux
Well When there is a bussy city there is a polution and about beachs you haven't been to clean beachs there are preety clean and awsome beaches in Karachi and thirdly you didn' contact me so how the hell you are suppose to know Good places of Karachi dude? <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
Overly polulated as well as overly polluted - that's the place. Filthy beach, agreed. However, the food is good, and so are most of the hangout and socialization places and most importantly, being the economical backbone of our country that it is, this metropolis sure is a businessman's heaven.

_`_ Wrote:(its interesting to note that the population of Karachi is larger than the entire population of Canada)

I find that quite untrue Khurram. The population of Canada is roughly 32 million. I doubt that Karachi has over 32 million people.
Dont always believe what you read in the press, Khurram. They dont always tell the truth and sometimes exaggerate.
i wouldn't have any issues believing that the entire population of Pakistan was more than the population of Canada
The entire population of Pakistan is probably greater than Canada. I would believe that.
Karachi is worlds largest city. Its the most beautiful place to live in the entire world. But!

Karachi is a city for people with brains

People who want to go liyari at 1 am with some glittering gold jewelry, a few cell phones, an apple notebook and a brand new car. Stay away you stupid idiots we dont need you in Karachi.

Polluted beaches:

Only one beach is polluted in Karachi that is the one at clifton because cleaning it is responsibility of Pakistan Army. Pakistan army is busy in making money at various institutions they have no time to pick up your litter from beaches. Other beaches in Karachi are clean and How could you guys ignore the news of Karachites saving turtles, Karachites cleaning beaches, Karachites protesting against oil spil?????

The collective awareness of Karachites in the matters involving their city is much much better than residents of any other mega city in the world. Yes may be we are not good at fighting crime and maintain law and order but looking at our size, our corrupt generals, our corrupt Punjabi politicians, one can fairly guess why we fail.

Karachi has a population much more diverse than Canada. We have Afghans, Iranis, Bangalis, Indians, Nepalis, Burmese, Africans and Chinese immigrants who come here to live a decent life. Canadian government wouldn't give refuge to 10% of Afghan immigrants living in Karachi. They wouldnt allow these people to migrate to their shiny country and contribute to their economy while we at karachi not only allow them to come and live here we also make them do work. These immigrants are now a very important part of our impressive economy and we are proud of our pashton brothers who fought a war of Capitalist West and took refuge in our arms.

Not only the diversity, we also have health care facilities much more cheaper than in USA. Though they are still out of the reach of many but if you convert the amount in to canadian dollars than you would love to come here and get treated for flu and anxiety <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

If you seperate Karachi from pakistan people would have a GDP close to that of Canada. get your own facts go to statistics department of government of pakistan and do your own maths.
gud, nice one!
karachi, u can't express it in words...for me its heaven...pan gutka chali naswar..main poori...whatelse do u want?
none of you talked abt night life in karachi, visit some pvt clubs in phase 5 DHA , back side of deltons area, take your gf's there in disco's, but honestly there is one disadvantage to take gfs there, she will stick with u for long time. lol
though i am untouch with karachi since last 3 years but i miss karachi same as i miss my friends (girls only). giggles

one of my another concern about karachi is as ppl says in chat 'Halat Kharab hein Karachi kay' 'fear of political fight, terrorist activities,
i think its just because of Karachi is more multicultural city, busniess city, and holiday place as well. so if politician have to blackmail government to get personal advantage they target karachi as weak point of pakistan,(from busniess point of view as 1 strike cost millions of ruppes to all of us)
if religious parties have any international policy concerns they target karachi's mousques, these idiotic activities get international media focuses if its happend in karachi.

that is why Karachi is facing these critisism since 1992, ' i ll never prefer to live in karachi by its worst situation'

think for pakistan, work for pakistan, live for pakistan

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