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Eid ul Adha Mubarik
A very warm eid ul Adha to all muslims living any where in the world, May Allah the All Mighty accept your sacrifices & prayers and shower his blessings upon you and your families, have a fun filled eid with friends and families.

A happy Eid Mubarik from Team #Pakistan

[Image: Eid-Ul-Adha-Greeting-Cards-Images-for-facebook.jpg]
You Live Only Twice, So Utilize It Carefully
Ameen...apko bhi eid mubarik Smile
[Image: ludoap4aeb5.png]
Aameen, aap ko bhi Eid Mubarak ho
Dheerey Dheerey Machal Oooooo Jia beQaraar koi Aaya haiiii koi aaya haiiiii......... Nahi aaya naa koi 

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