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Defence Day 2018 - fox-for-fun - 09-06-2018

Defence day will always be remebered as a day when Indians were smashed, beaten and sent back disgraced , Armed forces of Pakistan proved that Value of life means nothing once it is matter of safeguarding motherland

On 6th September Defense Day Of Pakistan Is Being Observed With Traditional Fervor And Solemnity Across The Country Today.

[Image: Defence-Day-2018-600x330.jpg]
[Image: 6th-September-Speech-Defense-Day-of-Paki...C326&ssl=1]
[Image: af235f191ed591e5a4c3e4e6c6198e5e.jpg]

[Image: Pakistan-Defence-Day-Latest-Wallpaper.jpg]

RE: Defence Day 2018 - Perennial Student - 03-28-2019

good start indians were smashed Pakistan zindabad