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Beautiful Mosques - romavia - 05-16-2013

Mosque is a Holy place for Muslims; it refers to its Arabic name known as "MASJID" Mosque is the place of worship for all the followers of Islam. Mosque can also be the place of beautiful architecture that is famous all around the world. Some of extreme beautiful mosques are:
• Masjid Al-Haram (The Holy Mosque) - Saudi Arabia
• Masjid Nabawi - Saudi Arabia
• Mosque in Brunei
• Putrajaya Mosque on Water - Malaysia
• The Umayyad Mosque - Damascus
• Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar
• Faisal Mosque - Pakistan
• Crystal Mosque, Malaysia

Re: Beautiful Mosques - Guest - 01-04-2014

These are the nice Masjids in the world. Also shows the Muslim recognition.

Re: Beautiful Mosques - Guest - 04-29-2014

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=282&d=1374711540]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=177&d=1369648932]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=281&d=1374711334]