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2days DUA and HADITH! - Red`Eyez - 09-19-2010

Assalâm Alaikum Wa Rahmatullâhi Wabarakâtouh..


Aay ALLAH! Main panahh maangta hun TUJH say .. TERI ziada museebat k aanay say Or Badbakhti k paanay say Or buray faislay say Or dushmanon k hansnay say.


Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) SAID!

Jo Shakhs yay chahta hay k tangdasti k zamanay main usski dua qubool ho ussay chahiyay k khush.haali k zamanay main dua karta rahay.

DUA .. ALLAH ka QURB haasil karnay ka behtreen zariya hay... !!!

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - uroojchap - 05-02-2011

very nice..

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - Jia420 - 05-07-2011

Aameen and MashaAllah Red`Eyez

very nice

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - Red`Eyez - 05-09-2011


Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 09-16-2011

Ya Allah...
I am lost and I am confused
Darkness is not my place
I want to see and I want to live
And I can not live like this
...Show me the light
The light that shines so bright
And show me the path to my future
A future full of happiness and peace
Show me the path to a place
A place where I can fly free
Send me the love
The love that will last for eternity
Let me not forget why I am here
For you are the reason I want to live
So Ya Allah
Show me the path that leads me to your way!

Ameen !!!

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 09-30-2011

A Tearful DUA
O Allah,
Please Forgive me
if I ever got too wrapped in a matter
that I didn't have the time to utter Your Name.
O Allah,
Please Forgive me
for the quarter I never dropped
into the metal cup for the homeless man begging on the street.

O Allah,
Please spark the love of Islam in my heart
and in the hearts of every single Muslim
until it gets implanted in their children
and their childern's children and so on.


Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - Jia420 - 10-01-2011


Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 05-12-2012

O ALLAH, If I Hurt People, Give Me Strength To Apologize.

But If People Hurt Me, Give Me Strength to Forgive.


Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 07-20-2012

May This Ramadan Be As Bright As Ever.
May This Ramadan Bring Joy, Health And Wealth To You.
May The Festival Of Lights Brighten Up You
And Your Near And Dear Ones Lives.
May This Ramadan Bring In You The Most
Brightest And Choicest Happiness And
Love, You Have Ever Wished For.
May This Ramadan Bring You The
Utmost In Peace And Prosperity.
May Lights Triumph Over Darkness.
May Peace Transcend The Earth.
May The Spirit Of Light Illuminate The World.
May The Light That We Celebrate At Ramadan
Show Us The Way And Lead Us Together On The
Path Of Peace And Social Harmony
Wish You All a Very Happy Ramadan
Stay Blessed In This Holly Month
May Allah SWT Accept Our Ibadaat & Duaz

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 07-26-2012

A Message Worth Reading
& Sharing

Jahan NAMAZ Parho Thori Dair
Beth Jao
Badan k Tamam Hison mein Sukoon
Paida Ho Jaye,

Phir NAMAZ K Liye Khary Ho Jao,
... Is Tarah K
KAABA ko ApNi Nigah k Samny

PUL-e-SIRAAT ko Pao'n k Neechy

JANNAT ko Seedhi

JAHANNUM ko Ulti Taraf


MAUT k FARISHTE ko Apne Peechy
Khara Hua Khayal Karo

Aur Samjho k Ye TumHari AAKHRi NAMAZ
Hy ...

FAZOOL Khyalat se Nijat Mile Gi,
Aur Namaz Pur-khuloos Niyyat Se
Adaa Hogi ... !!!

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 07-31-2012

Ponder n Reflect ... !!!
Fastings Isn't 0nly About Abstaining From Food n Drink
It's Also About Improving You Relationship With
Let's Strive To Grow Ino Better Muslim
2nd Ashra Of Ramzan Kareem Mubarak

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 08-09-2012

__Pearl Of The Day__
Short But True Line...
'' Zindagi Ko Ramzan Jesa Bana Lo...
Tou Maut Eid Jesi Hogi..! '

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 08-09-2012

Advice To Be Followed ... !!

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 08-10-2012

Ramzan Kareem Ka Teesra Ahsra Mubarak
"Hadd-e-Kamal-e -Zabt Jo Dekhna Chaho
Dekh Lo Us Musalman Ko Jo Rozay Mein Wuzu Ka Pani Muunh Mein Dal Kar Bhi Peeta Nahi Hy...!"
Subhan Allah

Re: 2days DUA and HADITH! - UmAiR - 08-12-2012

Thank You for YOUR mercy towards us.
We may not always deserve YOUR Love n YOUR Blessing,
We know that YOU will never take them away
As long as
We walk with you.
As YOU lift our Spirits today,
May we channel our joy to those around us.