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Full Version: African Muslims Meet White Muslim for the first time.
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African Muslims Meet White Muslim for the first time.

A Turkish Muslim goes to Nigeria to meet with fellow Muslims.

He sits down with a couple of Nigerian Muslims whom recite the Qur'an and at the end of their recitation he recites "Sadaqa Allaahu al-'Azeem (Almighty Allaah has spoken the truth)". The reaction he gets when they see that he is a white Muslim is incredibly beautiful. It is as though they are brothers whom are meeting after a lifetime of separation...

The Nigerian brothers describe later that they only see Frenchmen, Englishmen, Jews and Americans. They provide food, but they must take a Bible, which they refuse.

One of the questions they ask are:

"If there were countries consisting of white Muslims, where were you until now?"

No official source for either the video and the sub text.
really nice one ahmiq..