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Full Version: Shab e Meeraj
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The Night Of The Celestial Ascension Of The Prophet (PBUH)

Akhtar-e-Shaam Ki Ati Hai Falak Se Awaz
Sajda Karti Hai Sahar Jis Ko, Woh Hai Aaj Ki Raat

This call of the evening star is coming from the sky
This is the night before which the dawn prostrates

Reh-e-Yak Gaam Hai Himmat Ke Liye Arsh-e-Bareen
Keh Rahi Hai Ye Musalman Se Meeraj Ki Raat

“For courage, the Arsh‐i‐Barin is only a pace away”
The Mi’raj’s night is saying this to the Muslim